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Self harm rates triples in our area

In the past two years, Epsom and St Helier hospitals have seen a dramatic increase in the number of young people aged 11-18 years old presenting with self-harm – nationally, the number of 10-14 year olds attending A&E departments for self-harm related reasons has increased by 70% in the same period. Lin McGraw, Lead Nurse […]

HoD Team strengthened further in early 2017

The Healthcare on Demand team is going from strength to strength, with new practitioners further our sphere of expertise. We are pleased to welcome:For adults – Dr Farida Yousaf, Consultant Psychiatrist   For children, young people and families – Dr Pallavi Bujarbaruah , Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist   For Families – Emma Sales, Systemic Family […]

Myth Busters: Healthy Eating and Weight Management

Myth Busters: Healthy Eating and Weight Management A workshop for those confused by ‘nutrition noise’ in the media                                                    Thursday 12th January 2017 6.30-8.30pm   Do you know what ‘Healthy Eating’ looks like? The media is full of healthy eating, diet, weight loss and super food stories, and many are just that… stories… based on […]

New Year, New Practitioners!

We are delighted to welcome SIX new practitioners to the Healthcare On Demand clinic in Guildford. Our team has been expanded with the addition of:     A second Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – Dr Bill Young, joining Dr Tauseef Mehdi in this important service.               Dr Caroline […]

Supporting the Dorking Mental Health Project

The Dorking Mental Health Project has now  been established for a year now and their mission is to promote mental wellbeing in Dorking and surrounding areas. First let us introduce team members – including Healthcare On Demand practitioner, Susan McGrath. Please use this link to see a brief biography of the committee members, all Dorking residents. Mental Health […]

Mark Austin on Children’s Mental Health issues

Children’s mental health: One of the most pressing issues of our time Mark Austin ITV News presenter <img alt=”girl” src=”http://news.images.itv.com/image/file/1154643/article_update_img.jpg” /> More than 850,000 children and young people have been diagnosed with mental health problems in the UK. To report on the crisis in children’s mental health, as I have done repeatedly on ITV News, […]

Do’s and Don’t of Bullying – for Teachers

School bullying is associated with a host of adjustment difficulties (see Juvonen & Graham, 2014, Sanders & Phye, 2004). Students who are chronic victims of bullying are often the same children who are rejected by their peers; have low self-esteem; and feel depressed, anxious and lonely. Part of this psychological distress may revolve around how […]

Emotional distress in our children…

A society should be judged by how it treats its children. A country that fails to invest in its children is imperilling its future. And that’s why we should all be alarmed by the crisis of mental health among Britain’s girls and boys – and the chronic lack of support to overcome it. E Nearly […]

Helpful Books for Parents

Bringing up children in such an uncertain world is a tough job, and sometimes parents feel they need help to get things right. Unhappiness and distress in our young people is rife, and it may be that we can do more to encourage a positive mind set early, and avoid these troubles before they start. We […]