Dealing with Anxiety: A Workshop for Young Men (aged 16 – 25)

Do you find it hard to focus on the things you need to/want to do? Are you finding yourself becoming more anxious, low or irritable?  Is your health not as good as it used to be? It may be that you are experiencing high levels of stress.
Anxious Young ManSometimes it can be hard to spot the signs of stress, and it can creep up on us. When we become stressed it can get increasingly difficult to manage things that we might normally be able to. Problems in one area of our life can start to affect other areas. We can often find it hard to use our own strengths and abilities in the way we normally do, and can become more critical of ourselves and more despondent about the future. This workshop will help to identify the signs of stress and help you to think about whether stress may be having an undue impact on your life. It will introduce the idea of resilience – how we can respond in more flexible ways to difficulties in our life. We will explore how principles of cognitive behaviour therapy can help us to build resilience. The workshop will also provide an introduction to mindfulness, a way to engage more fully in the present moment that can allow us to bring more of our own strengths and resources to the task in hand. Finally we explore some practical measures in our lifestyle and managing workloads that can help to reduce stress.


Target Audience

Young men face a range of pressures in their lives, related to the demands of education, the world of work, maintaining friendships, evolving sexuality and associated relationships. In addition they are facing a future in an uncertain world where financial issues, pressures on housing and many other issues can seem daunting.



We will explore the difference between stress and anxiety and consider what factors might be contributing to it. We will look briefly at the physiology of anxiety and examine the different forms which anxiety can take. We will look at a range of possible coping strategies. Finally we will look at resources available and options for getting additional support.

The number of attendees is limited to a maximum of 6 to ensure a highly interactive small group environment. All participants will be asked to agree to respect the confidentiality of others attending the workshop.


Workshop Leader
Paul Osler 420x420The workshop will be led by Dr Paul Osler, an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has a special interest in the health and well being of young men in his private practice at Healthcare On Demand, in addition to leading a specialist NHS Psychology service.

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A nominal registration fee of £25 per person is requested, with proceeds to the Healthcare On Demand Fund, which supports young people who could not otherwise access private healthcare provision. To register on this Workshop please click HERE.

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