Short Intervention Programmes

Healthcare on Demand offers short programmes for either adults or children, in small groups ( where appropriate) or individually, to address difficult issues such as anger, anxiety and self esteem.

Therapists draws on the principles of CBT and DBT in this psychosocial area of work which can be a powerful, solutions-based intervention.


Anger is a natural response to feeling attacked, deceived, frustrated or treated unfairly. Everyone gets angry sometimes – it’s part of being human. It isn’t always a ‘bad’ emotion; in fact it can sometimes be useful. For example, feeling angry about something can:

  • help us identify problems or things that are hurting us
  • motivate us to create change
  • help us defend ourselves in dangerous situations by giving us a burst of energy

When is Anger a Problem?

Anger only becomes a problem when it harms you or people around you.

This can happen when:

  • you regularly express your anger through unhelpful or destructive behaviour
  • your anger is having a negative impact on your overall mental and
  • physical health

If the way you behave when you feel angry is causing you problems in your life or relationships, it’s worth thinking about ways you can choose to manage anger, and learning about your options for treatment and support

Controlling Anger

If you think about how to manage your anger when you’re feeling calmer, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by it in the heat of the moment. You can:

  • learn your triggers
  • examine your thought patterns
  • develop your communication skills
  • look at your lifestyle

Anger Management Programme

Six Weekly Sessions Addressing:

– what is stress?

– cycle of anger

– the consequences of stress

– the angry brain

– what resistance do you have to giving up your stress?

– what triggers your anger?

– stress reduction techniques

– primary and secondary emotions

– meeting your primary needs

– unmet needs

– shadow projections – identify your shadow projections

– conflict resolution

– managing your anger

– dos and don’ts

– relaxation techniques – guided imagery, breathing etc. at the end of each session

Costs are £480 for the course of 6 individual session of one hour’s duration.

You can select a day and time that works for you using the “Request an Appointment” button, below the therapist’s photograph – click HERE.

You should choose a 60 minute psychology appointment for a child or adult, as appropriate.