Short Intervention Programmes

Healthcare on Demand offers short programmes for either adults or children, in small groups ( where appropriate) or individually, to address difficult issues such as anger, anxiety and self esteem.

Therapists draws on the principles of CBT and DBT in this psychosocial area of work which can be a powerful, solutions-based intervention.

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

It’s hard to know why some people experience anxiety as a mental health problem and others don’t, but some possible factors include:

  • past or childhood experiences
  • your everyday life and habits
  • your diet
  • your physical and mental health
  • any drugs or medication you might be taking
  • genetics

If you worry more than others, it could also just feel like part of your personality – or it could be a mixture of these things. Sometimes you might not know why you feel anxious at all, and it might not seem to have any obvious cause.

What does Anxiety Feel Like?

Physical elements:

  • nausea (feeling sick)
  • tense muscles and headaches
  • pins and needles
  • feeling light headed or dizzy
  • faster breathing
  • sweating or hot flushes
  • a fast, thumping or irregular heart beat
  • raised blood pressure
  • difficulty sleeping
  • needing the toilet more frequently, or less frequently
  • churning in the pit of your stomach
  • experiencing panic attacks

Psychological elements:

  • feeling tense, nervous and on edge
  • having a sense of dread, or fearing the worst
  • feeling like the world is speeding up or slowing down
  • feeling like other people can see you’re anxious and are looking at you
  • feeling your mind is really busy with thoughts
  • dwelling on negative experiences, or thinking over a situation again and again (this is called rumination)
  • feeling restless and not being able to concentrate
  • feeling numb

Anxiety Management Programme

Six Weekly Sessions Addressing:

– signs and symptoms

– cycle of anxiety – physical, behaviour, emotions, thoughts

– flight, fight, flight response

– identifying own responses

– thought distortions, (unhelpful thinking) ABC & D – Activating event, Belief, Consequence and Dispute

– healthy v unhealthy behaviours

– setting goals

– aggression – assertion – passive aggressive –  what do these behaviours look like?

–  the long term effects of behaviours on self and others

– saying no

– self soothing behaviours

– clear picture thinking

– problem solving technique

– opposite emotion thinking

– relaxation techniques – guided imagery, breathing etc. at the end of each session

Costs are £480 for the course of 6 session of one hour’s duration, one on one.

You can select a day and time that works for you using the “Request an Appointment” button, below the therapist’s photograph –  click HERE.

You should choose a 60 minute psychology appointment for a child or adult, as appropriate.