Understanding and Supporting Those at Risk of Addictions

A Workshop for Concerned Professionals

Thursday 6th October From 6.30pm

Online at Facebook Live:


Public knowledge and attitudes about addiction are largely inconsistent with the scientific facts about addiction as a disease.

A key step in improving the effectiveness of concerned professionals who interface with those at risk is for those professionals (whether from education, health, social work or charity sectors) to better understand the challenges and current evidence based effective interventions.

Unless we clarify these complex issues, those with the disease will continue to experience stigma and attempts to deliver comprehensive and effective prevention, treatment and management of the diseases of substance abuse and addictive behaviours will be profoundly compromised.

Target Audience

This virtual event is aimed at those who work with or are concerned about those at risk of or suffering from an addiction-based issue.

It is also appropriate for anyone who has a particular interest in gaining an insight into this important issue.

The audience will therefore be drawn from diverse backgrounds including schools, youth groups, charity/ voluntary sector, health and other statutory services.


This workshop aims are:

  • To provide better understand the process of addiction within the disease based model of addiction.
  • To identify the different types of addiction and their particular symptoms as well as understanding the cycle of addiction and its various stages.
  • To identify sources of help, from effective diagnosis/assessment through to proven effective interventions

Specific topics will include:

  • Types of addiction and their symptoms, including chemical substances addictions (alcohol, drugs, pills) and process/behavioural addictions (gambling, internet, spending, shopping, exercise, relationships/love, co-dependency)
  • Causes of addiction and risk factors
  • Cycle of addiction
  • Cross addiction
  • Dual diagnosis (addiction and other mental health illness)
  • The process of addiction diagnosis?
  • Treatment routes
  • Discussion and questions

Addiction therapistWorkshop Leader
The workshop will be led by Anna Bampou, an experienced counsellor/ psychotherapist who specialises in working with addictions.

For more information on Anna click HERE

Enquiries should be addressed to info@HealthcareOnDemand.org.uk