Dr Rakendu Suren MBBS MRCPsych

Dr Suren works as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in both NHS and private practice. He has a broad range of expertise in assessing and treating mental health difficulties in children and adolescents, by implementing latest evidence in clinical practice. He is actively involved in teaching and research, have published in peer reviewed journals. Dr Suren is an educational and clinical supervisor for trainee doctors.

About Rakendu

Dr Suren completed his psychiatry training from St Bartholomew’s and Royal London Scheme. He then completed the specialist higher training in psychiatry from Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London. Dr Suren has a special interest in neurodevelopmental disorders particularly ADHD, ASD and various co-existing conditions and its management across the life span. Having trained at the Centre for Intervention for Paediatric Psychopharmacology at Great Ormond Street Hospital he developed a special interest in paediatric psychopharmacology. Dr Suren has published on this topic and has also co-authored a chapter in a popular child psychiatry text book. Dr Suren has a keen interest in school based mental health and early intervention, and have worked very closely with several schools.


  • MBBS
  • MRCPsych Approved Clinician and S12 (2) doctor within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 1983
  • Educational and clinical supervisor for trainee doctors
  • Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Dr Suren has expertise in assessment and management of complex neurodevelopmental disorders and mental disorders in children and adolescents such as ADHD, Autism, Tics/Tourette’s syndrome, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, psychosis and other mental illness seen in children and adolescents.

Autism Assessments for Children and Young People

Please click HERE for full information on this multidisciplinary service.  Dr Suren’s approach includes a three hour assessment – the ADI-R questionnaire. This addresses the child’s early and current development with the parents, and covers  over 90 questions. These are then scored up and written as a report. The cost of this element is £650.

This element, coupled with the ADOS assessment provided by  a HoD specialist Speech and Lanaguage Therapist or Clinical Psychologist constitutes the autism diagnostic process.

After these two elements are completed, Dr Suren would pull the information together including the ASCs screening report (if applicable), ADOS report, ADI-R report and school report to write a summary report outlining how/why we came to our conclusions and giving the final diagnosis. (If there is any disagreement between reports, Dr Suren would consult with the practitioner(s) carrying out the  ADOS assessment to make a final decision). For this final element Dr Suren’s fee is £300.

If a post-diagnosis meeting is requested by the family, this  can be provided. Such a meeting normally lasts around an hour and includes recommendations, advice and discussion as required. If requested, this is costed at a further £100.

Total medical costs are therefore from £950 (i.e. £650 + £300) to £1050 ( i.e. £650 + £300 +£100).

Please remember to take the Speech and Language/ Clinical Psychology costs into account when making your decision on whether to proceed.

Note: This process may involve two to three visits to the Clinic.

It may be that after the assessment the outcome does not evidence that the child/young person meets the criteria for ASD (as is often the case).

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD) in Children and Young People

Step 2 – Diagnosis Appointment

If the Step 1 preliminary screening assessment and report has already been done and indicate that an Attention Deficit State may well be present, Dr Suren will offer families a “Diagnosis Appointment” which will review the screening data, outcomes and report from a medical perspective.

This will include ruling out other medical causes for the presentation, and will take one hour.

During the meeting Dr Suren would explain the diagnosis, give Psychoeducation on ADHD, explain the medication and non-medication treatment options and write the initial prescription if requested.

The cost of this “Step 2” element, (i.e. when Step 1 has already been carried out) takes 90 minutes, and costs £450 and includes the first prescription, where applicable..

Additional controlled drug prescriptions are chargeable at £15 per prescription.

What I assess and treat

I have experience in assessing and treating a wide range of difficulties including:

  • ADHD assessment and treatment
  • Autism diagnostic assessment and treatment of co-morbidities
  • Tics/Tourette’s syndrome
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Depressive illness
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychotic disorder
  • Bipolar Affective disorder.

Professional Accreditation and Affiliation

  • Member of Royal College of Psychiatrist
  • Member of British Medical Association

Useful information

Dr Suren’s Consultation fee is £ 300 per hour.

Initial consultations will be for 90 minutes and will include detailed assessment, feedback and discussion of care plan. Follow up appointments are usually for an hour or half hour for shorter follow ups , such as medication review

Specialist assessments for example, ADHD assessments, Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments will incur a separate fee schedule which can be provided upon

Languages: English , Malayalam

Health Insurance Company Registrations

Dr. Suren is registered with Aviva