Art Psychotherapist

I qualified as an art psychotherapist in November 2013 after successfully following the Masters program at Roehampton University, London.

During my training I have worked with adults in open groups with mental health issues, with adults with learning disabilities and with children in a specialized team within social services.

I have also done group work and individual therapy around loss and separation as well as projects around schools in Surrey.

I am an art therapist working with both children and adults.


MA Art Psychotherapy, Roehampton University, London

Treatment Approach

I mostly work with clients who I think can benefit from psychodynamic work, rather than clients who present with specific mental health issues or learning disabilities. An assessment (1 to 3 sessions) is therefore essential.

Psychodynamic work focuses on a process of change that looks at the whole that makes up a person: mind, body, brain and soul, and where the unconscious is allowed to play a role, through fantasy, dreams and metaphor. It also looks at the root of the problem, aiming to find long term solutions, rather than offering short term relief.

The use of art/art expression/art materials and or sand tray makes metaphor easier to occur and the unconscious more tangible for the client. In the safe place that is the therapeutic session a triangular relationship is formed between the client and the artwork and the therapist. This means that a ‘step’ is created between difficult feelings and the expression of the feelings. These can then be looked at by two and shared by two, which often is less overwhelming and therefor more open to acceptance.

Words can be replaced by art expression and/or play when words are too difficult or are simply missing. Words can be added when the client feels ready. Art psychotherapy is not an art lesson and the client does not have to be good at art to be able to use materials for the expression of emotions and feelings.

I have a special interest in modern attachment therapy and the theory of neuroscience and its application to (art) psychotherapy. I strongly believe that treating the body, mind, soul and brain as a complete system will truly enhance the outcome of my practice.

Professional Accreditation and Affiliation

I am a full member of British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and registered with the HCPC and I abide by both their codes of ethics.

I am also a member or the Surrey Counselling and Psychotherapy Initiative (SCPI).

I hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

Useful Information


On requesting an appointment via our online booking system, the practitioner may well call you to confirm details before you  meet. This initial telephone discussion of up to 10 minutes is free of charge, and is designed to  confirm that it is indeed appropriate to proceed to a full consultation and is not designed to replace a consultation.

My fees are £50 for each 50 minutes session.

If travel time is involved I ask £20 per hour of travel and £0.45 per mile.

I speak fluent English and Dutch and have a good level of French.



Telephone: 01483 33 88 50