Do you struggle with emotional difficulties in your daily life?

Are you trying to cope with stress, anxiety, low mood, distress, volatile emotions, eating difficulties, self-harming behaviours and substance issues?

Do emotional struggles affect your friendships and relationships with others, especially close relationships?

Are you isolating yourself from your friends and finding it difficult to communicate with others, especially the people who care about you? 

Joining a young persons’ psychoeducation group is a unique opportunity to learn about important psychological theories and principles to help you understand yourself and your relationships with other people better. One of the best ways to understand a concept and see how you can apply it to your own life is to have the opportunity to practise doing it in a ‘safe environment’, reflect on your experience and get feedback from others.  Your peer group provides you with some of the most important relationships you will have during the expanding social world of adolescence. Therefore having the opportunity to share your experience with your peers is a vital part of a psychoeducation group setting.

If you would like to have an informal discussion about the group, your current difficulties and individual needs then please contact:

 Dr Ann Fitzgerald, Counselling Psychologist via

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