Resources available on Women’s Health in Midlife and Beyond

 Women’s Health in Midlife and Beyond Workshop
Resources to support the workshop event held Women’s Health in Midlife and Beyond Workshop

Psychological Aspects by Dr Ann Fitzgerald (
Websites – Information, Support and Research

NHS Choices
Clinical Depression
Common Mental Health Problems – Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Exercise and Depression
Getting help with Domestic Violence

Mental Health Charity with lots of information and support

Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Research Charity

Mental Health UK and Mind Publications
Leaflet on ‘How to survive a Mid-life Crisis’

Anxiety UK

Depression UK
Carers UK

National Institute of Clinical Excellence – Nice Guidelines (limited set of guidelines listed below – see full range of mental and physical health guidelines on home page)
Common Mental Health Disorders
Depression in Adults
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Quality Standard for Anxiety Disorder
Disability, dementia and frailty in later life – mid-life approaches to prevention
Disability, dementia and frailty in later life – mid-life approaches to prevention – Public Health Draft Guideline
Disability, dementia and frailty in later life – mid-life approaches to prevention – Related Research

US Research: How Healthy Are We?: A National Study of Well-being at Midlife
Full book by chapter in PDF format summarizing research is available on internet

UK Research
Social Media Specific Websites
Dr Christina Northrup – US MD who is seen as an inspirational speaker on Women’s’ health in midlife including menopause

Academic Resources
Development in Midlife – Margie Lachman (2004)
Bodily Maps of Emotions
Antonio Damasio, Neuroscientist – How our Brains Feel Emotion (see YouTube for other videos of his work on consciousness, creativity, the self etc)

Counselling & Psychological Therapy
Primary Care – through your GP
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies
Useful self-help information and worksheets

Computerised Based Software use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy self-help approach used by the NHS in Primary Care – Access may be available through your GP or local Primary Care Psychological Therapies Service

In Midlife: A Jungian Perspective Paperback – 13 Oct 2014 by Murray Stein
This and other self-help books on midlife available on Amazon and other websites

Grant Thornton Lawyers: Survey of UK Stats on Divorce 2013
Mental Health Foundation: Midlife women and Mental Health
Published: August 2003 by the Mental Health Foundation
An update briefing on ‘Women at the Crossroads: A literature review of the mental health risks facing women in midlife’. The review highlights the key dimensions of the lives of mid-life women which do – or might be expected to – have an impact on their emotional and psychological well-being.