Our next Workshop: Women’s Health and Wellbeing in Midlife and Beyond will be running on Tuesday  7 th July from 5:00pm – 9:30pm.

This workshop is designed for women with an interest in optimizing their health and wellbeing in midlife.

A range of Healthcare On Demand experts will lead sessions addressing different aspects of maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing. Physical elements will be addressed by expert clinicians who will discuss diet, nutrition and musculoskeletal health. Psychological team members will explore the shift in relationships and changing roles in the family that often come with midlife. These elements, plus dealing with major life events and their associated psychological and physical demands will be explored, giving attendees the opportunity to engage with experts and peers in addressing issues that often remain unspoken in our contemporary society.

In addition, some complementary therapist will be on hand to informally discuss other useful approaches to caring for oneself at this stage of life.

Target Audience

Those who wish to access reliable, authoritative information to enable women to live healthy, happy lives in middle years and beyond. No specific scientific or medical knowledge will be assumed, and the workshop is open to women experiencing, or expecting to experience mid-life changes in the decade ahead, plus those who seek to support them in a variety of roles.

Workshop Leader:
Orit Huntley, Osteopath

Session Leaders:


Jane Nathan, Medical Educator, and Clinic Director

Registration is via THIS LINK

Please refer to the workshop page for more details.

Please address any additional questions to info@HealthcareOnDemand.org.uk

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