Our Mental Health Crisis – Insight 1 of 10

1. Problems are on the increase
It seems to be getting more common – or at least among those with severe symptoms. While the proportion of people affected does not appear to have risen in the past few years, if you go back a little further there has certainly been a steady increase.

Evidence from the NHS Digital study in England shows the rise has been driven by an increase in women with illness.
Why is this? Undoubtedly some of it is down to people being more willing to report and admit mental health problems.
Experts point to the way self-harm in particular is recognised in a way it was not 20 or 30 years ago.
But it is also clear 21st Century life is taking its toll on some people. Economic uncertainty, social media, the influence of the media and rising expectations of what life should be like have all been suggested as possible causes.