Mindfulness meditation

Top ratings for Healthcare On Demand’s Mindfulness in Schools programme

The 8 week Mindfulness programme for teaching staff, run at St Joseph’s Special School and College in Cranleigh, received excellent feedback.

100% of respondents gave it the highest possible rating and staff plan to roll out the practice to other staff members, and will use the principles in their classroom work with learners.

The course aims to teach a combination of traditional mindfulness exercises alongside contemporary ones to make mindfulness accessible to all individuals and to allow dissemination of the principles through the school community.

To see the top 10 recent scientific studies on the value of mindfulness in education, click HERE.

The first half of the course focusses on the theoretical underpinnings of mindfulness alongside short mindfulness exercises. The latter half of the course focusses on extending the mindfulness exercises and enabling the group to practice being mindful for greater periods of time and to explore a range of exercises.

This cost effective bespoke programme is available for schools, pastoral settings and can be refined for delivery in a range of workplace settings.

For more information see: http://healthcareondemand.org.uk/workshops-seminars/mindfulness-in-the-school-setting/