Welcome Anna Bampou, Specialist Therapist for Addiction/Dependency

Anna has a special interest in Addiction and Relapse Prevention, including working with families and loved ones affected by addiction.

She holds a Masters degree in Counselling from the  University of Bristol and has 15 years of clinical experience working with substance based addictions, such as alcoholism, drug /pill addiction, as well as process based addictions, including gambling, food, shopping/spending, exercise, internet, love  and workaholism plus co-dependencies.

She is also skilled in treating cross-addiction and relapse.

Her aim is to assist you in developing a better understanding of your issues, difficulties, and who you are at a deep level, moving towards developing a better relationship with yourself, and others, going forward in your life.

Addiction affects the friends and family of the person who is unwell. Because of this, she offers counselling to friends and families, supporting them to explore their experiences and feelings associated with a loved one’s addiction. This helps with maintaining health and helps with the process of setting the necessary boundaries to help their loved one to seek help and recover. She incorporates within the counselling psychoeducation around the disease of addiction, effects on the family and  breaking patterns such as enabling through the acquisition and use of new tools, like tough love and boundaries.

She is trained as an Integrative Counsellor and draws from many therapeutic modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Creative, Motivational Interviewing, the 12 Step Minnesota Model, Coaching, and Play Therapy among others, tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Anna’s skills include one-to-one client work, group therapy and delivery of psychoeducational lectures and experiential workshops.

Anna is a very welcome addition to the Healthcare on Demand team, in the important area of addictions and dependency