We treat a wide range of physical and psychological conditions and indeed problems that affect both the body and the mind in different ways.

Our team of experienced practitioners are available to help you.

You can explore this website to search by condition, the treatment approach you are looking for, or for a specific therapist or practitioner.

If you are not sure who the right person is for you to consult, or you would rather just talk to us in the first instance – contact us in confidence – and we’ll advise you who can help.

You can access services as a self funding patient or where applicable, you can use your existing Health Insurance policy. You can see which practitioners are covered by specific Health Insurance policies by using our search for “Find a Practitioner by Health Insurer”  facility – click here.

Remember, you should always check with you  health insurer that you are indeed covered for any assessment or treatment costs before proceeding.  Your chosen practitioner may well ask you for  your pre-authorisation number before proceeding, if you are using this approach to funding.

If you have questions, particularly about which practitioner may be right for you and your circumstances, you can send us an email or request a callback, which allows you to speak to someone – free.

We have a strong team of clinicians within three core areas: