Workshop: Understanding and Supporting Depressed Teens *SORRY SOLD OUT*

Understanding and Supporting Teenage Depression. A Workshop for Families and Friends

Monday 18th April 6.30-8.30pm at the Healthcare On Demand Clinic, central Guildford, Surrey.

YP Group PicCoping with different emotions is part of everyone’s life. We all feel sad sometimes – sadness might be a natural and appropriate response to what is happening in our lives such as family difficulties, loss of a loved one or problems at school, college or work. With the passage of time, life changes and the support of those around us these feelings usually go away. But for many young people the sad feelings won’t go away and they experience periods of depression during which they can feel overwhelmed and unable to do the normal things in life. This can be especially difficult to manage when important exams are looming.

Teenagers are often moody and uncommunicative; that doesn’t necessarily mean they are depressed. It is often just part of normal adolescent development and hormonal changes. However, some teenagers get stuck and can find the changes they are going through just too much to cope with. Many teenagers won’t talk to their parents about difficult issues. Having a teenager who is experiencing significant depression can be challenging for parents – we want to be supportive and helpful but often we feel worried and confused about what is happening and how to respond. Often a child’s depression can have a ripple effect throughout the family as everyone struggles to cope.

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at parents, carers, family members and friends who are supporting a teenager (13-19) with depression or who want to develop a good basic understanding of this important issue.


We will consider how to recognise the signs of your child’s depression and look at what factors might be contributing to it. We will look briefly at the physiology of depression and consider how depression is often associated with anxiety. We will look trigger points, including exam season, and at a range of possible coping strategies. Finally we will look at resources available and options for getting additional support for your child.

The number of attendees is limited to a maximum of 8 to ensure a highly interactive small group environment. All participants will be asked to agree to respect the confidentiality of others attending the workshop.

Workshop Leader

Sarah Kenyon - portraits

Sarah Kenyon

The workshop will be led by Sarah Kenyon, an experienced counsellor/ psychotherapist who specialises in working with adolescents and young adults within her private practice at Healthcare On Demand, in addition to managing a youth counselling service.

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A nominal registration fee of £25 per person is requested, with proceeds to the Healthcare On Demand Fund, which supports children and young people who could not otherwise access private healthcare provision.

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